Meet our team of operators, innovators, advisors and partners, representing more than forty leading entities.

SansKRITI THakur


Sans is a strategist and operator with two decades in global health, life-science, and technology industries. Her responsibilities span over multi-billion dollar portfolios. She applies her interdisciplinary expertise to shape and grow the category of generational health across sectors.



Vani is an investor, advisor, and operator with 20+ years of institutional, VC and operating fund experience. Above all her goal is to generate the greatest number of positive outcomes for both new companies and investors.


CSO & Managing Director

Kara is a well-rounded partner, offering a multi-dimensional perspective based on her 15+ years in legal and finance roles. By putting relationships and listening first, Kara seeks to know and understand the motivation for every investor and donor. This attention to detail and persistence enables optimal outcomes.