Meet our team of operators, innovators, advisors and partners, representing more than forty leading entities.

SansKRITI THakur


Sanskriti Thakur is the Founder and Chairwoman of TOWER Capital Group and the pioneer of Generational Health. Her career has been focused on Health and Economic Transformation, exemplified by: leading pandemic disaster response, serving on World Economic Forum councils, heading life science research for a sixty billion dollar consultancy, and redefining Generational Health for the global market.



Vani Rao is President of TOWER Collective and has two decades of capital markets experience across derivatives, structured products, and venture capital. Vani is a seasoned investor and an activist for gender parity, focused on promoting capital access to build healthier economies. A CFA Charterholder, Vani is also a professor of investment at the University of Washington.


Experts across the Generational Health disciplines

Philip Benjamin

Community Health & Capital Markets

A Mental Health Clinician and Investment Specialist, Philip is interested in creating and investing in innovative, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible businesses.

Tom Cassels

Life Science & Digital Health

A veteran across Life Science, Health and Digital, a leading investment manager and recent CEO of RockHealth. Tom advises on optimal outcomes at the digital intersections of Generational Health.

Jennifer Kahoud, MD

Medicine & Health Systems

Medical Director of Jefferson University Hospitals, and thought-leader across critical intersections of Generational health, Dr. Kahoud is an orchestrator of public and private funding initiatives across states and countries, single handedly reshaping health systems.

Stephanie Lasker

Operating Excellence for Scaling Startups

With over two decades scaling startups to acquisition, Stephanie uses a combination of executive coaching and hands-on involvement to strategically build scalable teams and processes. Stephanie is an active mentor to early stage startups and a customer success expert.

Charlie Lieu

Big Data & Systems Biology

Unicorn builder and investor, Charlie has a long track record of translating ambitious ideas into reality. An investment leader trained in software engineering and data science, Charlie has a career leading generational projects including The International Space Station and Human Genome Project.

Justin Nahama

Military & Veteran Health

Leveraging 20 years of working with global thought leaders like Deepak Chopra and the Navy SEAL/Special Operations community, Justin leverages a unique blend of attorney, investor and non-profit expertise to empower founders.

Alpa Saluja

Clinical Insight

Alpa is a professional with a background in pharmaceutical and clinical trial research. She brings experience in quality oversight, project optimization and managing clinical trials while adhering to regulatory standards.

Naseem Sayani

Early Stage Venture Capital

Guided by her genuine passion to improve the world, Naseem is an early stage fund manager in generational health. Her experience in management consulting and sense of empathy allow her to support, elevate, and empower founders.

Dorothea Soule

Energy & Commercialization

A seasoned executive with a global perspective. Dorothea possesses expertise in industrial operations and commercialization with experience across commodities, metals, and recycling.