Pioneering The Category of Generational Health

TOWER’s mission is to define, develop and grow the category of Generational Health.

TOWER CAPITAL GROUP is responsible for defining, developing and funding the category of Generational Health.

Generational Health are those effects passed on genetically, epigenetically and environmentally, reshaping beyond the 4+ generation.

These effects are scientifically and systemically measurable. They represent a multitrillion-dollar opportunity for both the public and private sector growth.It transcends individual well-being, shedding light on the collective impact of genetic and environmental health assets passed down across generations.

Beyond its societal impact, Generational Health unveils an astonishingly untapped market (with a multi-trillion dollar global market size), teeming with potential and offering unparalleled opportunities for investors and stakeholders.

Operating across industries, regions and partners, TOWER and its affiliates deploy expertise and capital to uncover economic value, investment and innovation within Generational Health and bring it to stakeholders across the globe.

A Multi Vector Effort | Strategy & Structure

The mission is supported by a three part strategy: define, develop and fund to grow the category of Generational Health for the benefit of society. Therefore, each part of the strategy has an affiliated structure:

First, The Collective: An economic development profit-neutral entity that defines and houses the best of generational health entities under its umbrella to enable them to grow for their value to society.

Second, The Council An independent non-profit entity that Is the objective and independent non-profit, which guides and develops education and charitable action for the greatest need areas.

Third, The Investment Group: An investment competency that creates and executes strategies for category impact and outcomes.

One lever is not enough to ensure Generational Health is realized by society. Therefore three affiliated parts collaborate to amplify activities across the central focus on Generational Health. Each affiliate orbiting the TOWER Collective appropriately within their legal framework and unique roles in society, but all with the purpose to support generational health.

Funding Vectors

It is principally important to demonstrate both the societal value of Generational Health and its investability.

It is critical to convene public and private entities to address Generational Health. Three distinct approaches are leveraged appropriately for the mission.

1. Development capital

2. Charitable donations

3. Investment capital

Economic development capital from governments, corporates and privates are deployed into Generational Health entities with the goal of improving societal outcomes. These societal outcomes affect the major drivers for Generational Health.

A long view approach is applied to high unmet need and underserved areas. In these cases, charitable donations may be applied to high unmet need categories with the intent of bolstering them, their surrounding ecosystem and supporting their humanitarian efforts.

Importantly, a sustainable market will grow and thrive in multiple ways, TOWER Collective opens an investment flywheel into Generational Health entities where they profile as high performing, and scalable.

Managing Growth

In a short course, TOWER’s management team and partnering entities have built strong leadership and governance. The human resources represent expertise across life science and financial strategy for both the public and private sectors.

The growth focus will continue to be in life and environmental sciences, with an expansion to the global markets intended for late 2024. The lifecycle focus intends to remain on venture and growth stage entities to support the overall shape of the market as it evolves.