Shaping the evolutionary curve for generations by addressing critical genetic and environmental health factors


Sans leads Tower Capital Group, the global pioneer of Generational Health. Generational health are the health effects passed on to next many generations, genetically, epigenetically and environmentally. This future-facing category is at the intersection of community, women’s health and environmental health, and is recognized as a critical issue facing the world.

Sans has always focused on health and economic transformation, exemplified by leading pandemic disaster responses, serving on World Economic Forum councils, and heading life science research for a $60B consultancy.

In addition to transformation she understands growing companies. She was one of the first females in corporate venture capital for digital health, and has led a $2.3B growth-stage company revolutionizing medicine. Over her career, Sans has published over 18 research articles in the areas of science, health, business and technology intersections.

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A first-in-kind assessment of $17.4B USD in Generational Health entities, by total funding raised. Revealing why a Generational Health strategy is principally valuable both in returns and for society.

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TOWER CAPITAL GROUP is an economic development entity responsible for defining, developing and funding the category of Generational Health.

Generational Health are those effects passed on genetically, epigenetically and environmentally, shaping humanity's evolutionary curve.

These effects are scientifically and systemically measurable. They represent a multitrillion-dollar opportunity for both the public and private sector growth.

Operating across industries, regions and partners, TOWER and its affiliates deploy expertise and capital to uncover economic value, investment and innovation within Generational Health and bring it to stakeholders across the globe.