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The Best of Generational Health

TOWER’s Collective is a programmatic approach to identify the leading innovators in Generational Health to measurably define, shape and understand the category.


Est. Invested Value








Diverse Leadership

Driven By:

1. High unmet need

2. Strong consumer power, access, and influence

3. Rising potential for advancement in technology and innovation

Snap Shot: A moment in time breakdown of TOWER COLLECTIVE representing the best in class Generational Health entities



The Impending crises of climate and planetary change, directly impacting generations

Preserving air, water & earth's vital components

Elimination & management of health toxicity

Protections of Mitochondrial DNA

Preserving Microbiomes



Population Health, Health Systems, Mental Health and the underserved categories in Pediatrics.

Mental Health, Abuse and Addiction

Family Planning & Child care as a health ecosystem

Community health access, services & platforms

Population Longevity



More than half of the human population, biologically and longitudinally critical to generations, responsible for 85% of consumer funding and making 80% of health decisions

Quality of lifespan/longevity

Underfunded diseases where disproportionately impacted

Women's health lifecycle from period to fertility to menopause

Safety, mental and health access



Device & Diagnostics


Software & Platform




Digital Services


In Prioritizing Generational Health We:

1. Strengthen Defense. 77% of Americans ages 17 to 24 are unfit for military service, primarily due to obesity, mental health disorder, substance abuse, and physical disability. By addressing communities through Generational Health, we can begin to ensure our nation is sufficiently able bodied to keep us safe.

2. Prevent Rising Maternal and Infant Mortality. Despite having one of the most advanced health systems in the world, female and infant mortality rates are increasing in the United States. Supporting Generational Health offers a myriad of ways this trend can be reversed.

3. Enable Access to Clean Water for Rural Populations. Violations in water quality standards occur disproportionately in rural communities. 93% of the 60,000 community water systems in the US impact rural communities of 10,000 people or less. It is well documented that water shortages and contaminations create multiGenerational damages. Linking these problems with the health effects through Generational Health can uncover lasting solutions.

4. Unlock Women’s Health. No longer can women’s health stand aside as an understudied, underfunded area. Not when science tells us about the critical importance of their role in the arch of generations and the ultimate increase in global productivity.

5. Reduce the Impacts of Discrimination. Enable culturally sensitive care models to be delivered and adopted by diverse populations allowing for mental health services to be accessed at lower costs and and greater reach.

Generational Health is not merely a focus on the most egregious health concerns; healthier populations are the way to boost GDP and productivity exponentially. It is not only critical to focus on Generational Health, it is an obligation of both the public and private sectors.

Growing Together

The Collective represents leading funds with a majority of investments and activities dedicated to women's health, mental health or environmental health - areas critical to generational health.

Tower Collective funds share an interest in open collaboration and category growth.

They value the power of cross-networks in growing successful portfolio companies from early stage to exit.

Benefits for Members of The Collective

Mission aligned capital, usually unavailable to early and growth stage funds

Reporting, Intelligence and data on the unified collective and its performance

Co-investment, deal-sharing forums & development support




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